Venezuela Crisis Reading List

I have compiled a list of articles that can help put the pieces together on the most recent episode in the Venezuelan crisis:

1) Why Regime Change Is Now On the Table in Venezuela: by Patricia Laya

2) Venezuela’s Lessons for American Socialists: by Noah Smith

3) Trump Makes the Right Decision for Venezuela: by Eli Lake

4) World Venezuela’s crisis in 5 charts: by Siobhán O’Grady,

Chris Alcantara and Armand Emamdjomeh

5) Venezuela: A path out of misery: by Dany Bahar, Ted Piccone and Harold Trinkunas

6) Venezuela: how Latin American tolerance of illiberalism let a nation slide into crisis: by Tom Long

7) The Chavista Revolution Has Come Full Circle: by Virginia López-Glass

8) Democrats should stand for democracy in Venezuela — and democratic values in America: Chris Murphy and Ben Rhodes

9) Venezuela is how ‘illiberal democracy’ ends: by Anne Applebaum

10) Opinion: Foreign Forces Did Not Start Venezuela’s Transition. Venezuela Did: by Javier Corrales

11) Yes, Venezuela Is a Socialist Catastrophe: by Bret Stephens

12) The Venezuelan Opposition’s High-Stakes Assault on Maduro: by Harold Trinkunas

13) Venezuela Unraveled: by Foreign Policy

14) The battle for Venezuela’s future: Michael Reid

15) Venezuela’s Best Path to Democracy? Pay Off the Military: by Michael Albertus

16) How South America Ceded the Field in Venezuela: Oliver Stuenkel

17) The U.S. Needs to Stay Out of Venezuela: by Patrick Iber

18) The Quick Read on Venezuela’s Political Crisis: by Ian Bremmer

19) The Importance of Recognition in Venezuela: by Elsy González

20) Venezuela’s Global Deadlock: by Andrés Serbin and Andrei Serbin Pont

21) Great move. Well played. What next?: by Christopher Sabatini

22) Beginning the endgame in Venezuela: by Robert Evan Ellis

23) Special Venezuela Dossier by CRIES

24) I Commanded the U.S. Military in South America. Deploying Soldiers to Venezuela Would Only Make Things Worse: by Admiral James Stavridis

25) Venezuela’s Opposition Leader, U.S. Embark On Risky Strategy For Military Uprising: John Otis with John Polga and David Smilde

26) Will Venezuela’s military back — or abandon — Maduro? Here are the 4 things it will consider: by Eva Bellin and David Berlin-Pion

27) The other January 23rd: by Maria Puerta-Riera



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