Venezuela: The decline of a democracy

Venezuela: The decline of a democracy The political crisis in Venezuela has been aggravating for the past 5 years; the economic imbalance has increased the chances of social disintegration while government focuses on holding to power. The institutional deterioration provides forms of control consistent with the authoritarian model in detriment of the values and principles[…]

Darkness is hovering over Venezuela

The critical situation Venezuela is going through has spread all over media headlines, quite a difference from previous years when the crisis-hit oil-producing country was still much regarded by the international community as a stable democracy. Even the United Nations thinks that there are “remains” left of democracy to save, while the country is subjected[…]

Venezuela: a full-blown military dictatorship is consumed

Since his rise to power, Hugo Chavez always placed his confidence in the military, making the alliance with civilians a provisional arrangement until the institutional framework for the revolution would assure the complete control of society in the hands of the military. Chavez never concealed the mistrust he had in civilians, which was part of[…]

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