A day of reckoning for Chavismo

The day before Venezuela’s Independence Day, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a damning report at the request of the UN Human Rights Council (Resolution 39/1). The report is a detailed, comprehensive and deeply critical assessment of Nicolas Maduro’s regime, regarding the human rights situation in the country since[…]

Making the case for democracy in Venezuela

Venezuelans have become involuntary pawns of the never-ending ideological global battle between left and right. The struggle democrats in Venezuela have undertaken has been reduced to a “minority in the hands of the far-right” (that’s one school of thought), or “shameless beggars waiting for crumbs” (the regime’s talking point). There is very little (to none)[…]

Venezuela Crisis Reading List

I have compiled a list of articles that can help put the pieces together on the most recent episode in the Venezuelan crisis: 1) Why Regime Change Is Now On the Table in Venezuela: wapo.st/2RBsWNr by Patricia Laya 2) Venezuela’s Lessons for American Socialists: bloom.bg/2WBohyR by Noah Smith 3) Trump Makes the Right Decision for[…]

The other January 23rd

Venezuelan crisis has reached a new high as tensions escalate with the international community and the opposition joining efforts furthering in the isolation of Nicolas Maduro and his regime. On January 10th, the day set by the constitution, Maduro took the oath of office before the Supreme Court, instead of the National Assembly. This triggered[…]

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