The Puerto Rican Vote in Florida

The Puerto Rican Vote in Florida

As happens every two years, Florida politics is turning  its attention to Puerto Rico, from President Donald J. Trump’s order of $13 billion in financial aid for the island to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s promise for debt forgiveness and statehood. These are just the latest signs that Puerto Ricans are considered critical part of the[…]

Venezuela and its narrow path to democracy

The likelihood of a democratic transition in Venezuela continues to be tenuous, despite the indisputable public show of support from the Trump administration, and their efforts to force an electoral pledge from the Maduro regime. During the past year, the interim president of Venezuela, MP Juan Guaidó, has carried upon his shoulders the weight of[…]

In Venezuela’s stalemate, people come second

The Venezuelan crisis hype has relinquished, and the current focus has turned to the staggering migrant influx making its way throughout Latin America. Back at home, Venezuelans continue to struggle to have access to food, medical attention, and basic utilities, while the country’s income rapidly declines, not only as a result of the economic sanctions,[…]

Loyalty or convenience: the forced marriage between Maduro and the military in Venezuela

The Trump Administration continues to rely heavily on the policy of sanctions with regards to Venezuela and its crisis. The latest Executive Order signed by President Trump initially thought to be an embargo has been interpreted by some analysts as a measure that protects the future assets of the much-awaited transitional government. They will need[…]

A day of reckoning for Chavismo

The day before Venezuela’s Independence Day, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a damning report at the request of the UN Human Rights Council (Resolution 39/1). The report is a detailed, comprehensive and deeply critical assessment of Nicolas Maduro’s regime, regarding the human rights situation in the country since[…]

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