A cry for Venezuela

This is what happens when you choose to look the other way. Throughout the years we forestalled about the danger Hugo Chavez represented. The mistakes made during the failed coup in 2002 allowed Chavez to obstruct any attempt to build a solid and democratic opposition. It took years for the democratic opposition to rebuild and gain respect -within and abroad- to become a real threat to the regime. Once the regime was certain that elections were no longer useful to remain in power, they were discarded. It was no secret that Chavez didn’t believe in democracy, and after his failed coup in 1992 he continued to express his rejection towards it. Until he realized the only route to power was through elections, but he never changed his mind about democracy. Castro just gave him fuel. The opposition’s outcry fell in empty ears, there was no respect nor credibility in the grave complaints of democratic deterioration in Venezuela. Now that the country is a time bomb, some are opening their eyes, worried about the exodus and how this affects their own existence. Some of the countries now complaining, sent waves of migrants to Venezuela when they were going through horrific dictatorships years ago. Their silence has been egregious and complicit. Venezuela is in danger, and if it were not enough tragedy, the country has been abandoned. Venezuela will be, no doubt, the region’s most appalling failure, no one will escape this judgement.



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