What’s the road ahead for Venezuela?

The international community has no other choice but to reject the National Constituent Assembly in #Venezuela. The regime’s decision to call for a vote ignoring the constitution forces them to reject it. The Venezuelan regime seems to believe that foreign sanctions will reunify chavismo, but that might not be the case this time around. It[…]

A cry for Venezuela

This is what happens when you choose to look the other way. Throughout the years we forestalled about the danger Hugo Chavez represented. The mistakes made during the failed coup in 2002 allowed Chavez to obstruct any attempt to build a solid and democratic opposition. It took years for the democratic opposition to rebuild and[…]

The People’s consultation

In a blunt statement, the result from the Venezuelan popular consultation on July 16th is that the Opposition sent a clear message to power about their commitment to democracy, stripping accusations that the coalition of opposition political parties (MUD) is taking shortcuts or calling the military to depose president Nicolas Maduro to restore democracy. In[…]